22 January 2007

Third step

Tracey, you are correct - the check in yesterday's post IS woven! There is one warp fabric and two weft fabrics (or is that the other way around? I always get that confused.).

Yesterday it hit 41 degrees at my place (outside, but it felt pretty stifling inside as well), so I decided I would have to carry the sewing machine downstairs where it was cooler. I got inspired again and added my first lot of strips to start my plaid. Here it is! More strips to come once I can decide on the fabrics to use...


  1. No email for you either Erica so I'll have to comment here to say you are entirely welcome to the fabric. I like the idea I made someone the other end of the world smile. And -although this was not the motive- it was quite handy that having watched my husband watch me buy 43.5 meters of fabric I could say 'But its not all for me!'

  2. Ooops meant to say my email is surfer@talktalk.net - don't know why you would need it but there it is!

  3. Groovy fabric, can't wait to see more!
    Oh, and the way to remember is that the weft goes from right to - yep, WEFT! (silly mnemonic from my Granpa, who was a weaver)

  4. Hey, I'm smarter than I thought. Clever mnemonic Caitlin, I have never heard that one. The piece is looking fabulous, Erica.

  5. I love where this is going


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