09 January 2007

Tomatoes make me happy

I'm no Pollyanna, but I am choosing to be happy. Even though I can't control what other people do, I can try to be the happy person I want to be. There are many simple things that please me and here is a photo of one of them: home-grown tomatoes from my garden.

Don't they look delicious? Small cherry tomatoes that grow on plants that I have planted in a huge terracotta pot. They delight me for so many reasons - the joy in growing wholesome food; their colour; the way they look on my plate; and, of course, the way they provide a spurt of flavour when I pop one in my mouth. Today let's celebrate my tomatoes.


  1. I don't actually eat tomatoes but I'll happily celebrate the beauty of yours :]

  2. Stephanie11:55 pm

    I would love to share your toms with the tasty leaves of a wonderful basil/mint plant I have found here in WA I also have found my perennial basil plant again that just keeps going

  3. What a great philosohpy! Did you know that research shows that people who keep a 'gratitude journal' (In which they write down each day 5 or so things they are grateful for) are happier than control groups who do not? It seems that those who do the journal actively look for good things to record and therefore focus onseeing the good in their day not the bad. I am grateful that you wrote your blog piece and reminded me of that.


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