24 February 2007

Community of crafters

The sense of community is often experienced through gatherings of like-minded people. Mingling with other crafters at the Prints Charming shop in Sydney today, I was thrilled to meet Alison Brookbanks, the author of a wonderful blog, sixandahalfstitches. Alison is one of the bloggers featured in a must-have new book, The Crafter's Companion: tips, tales and patterns from a community of creative minds.

I love this book. To quote from the editor, Anna Torborg:
"...why do we bother to make things by hand when we live in a world where our every material desire can be fulfilled by ready-made, shop-bought items?"

The book includes seventeen bloggers who share their personal responses to this question and it has prompted me to examine my reasons for crafting by hand as well.

Hosted by Kirsten and Cath, the creative forces of Prints Charming, the launch was informal and more like a gathering of friends. Of course I had to snap up a copy of the book and a beautiful piece of hand-printed fabric to fondle on the way home. Here's a photo of Kirsten, Alison and Cath in the courtyard at Prints Charming. It was a very hot Sydney summer day, and I'm sure we were all touched by the sun (and a little tipple of bubbly). What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!


  1. Sounds like a great book. Can't wait to get a hold of a copy!

  2. looks like a fabulous way to spend an afternoon!


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