18 February 2007

It's happened again

I was so optimistic that this year I could change some things to make more time for sewing but now it is past the middle of February and it just hasn't happened. My head is so full of stuff and I have so many trivial things to do to make sure my life continues to function that I can't seem to get to that creative time I enjoyed so much during the holidays. This is really frustrating me.

On a more optimistic note: I have decided that I actually DO have a quilt to enter into the Sydney show this year. All it needs is binding (and a hanging sleeve and a label) - surely I can finish those by June? However, I have to fill in the entry form and take a photo of the quilt and send it all in by 1 March - that's just another one of those things clogging up my head. Will reward myself afterwards with some mindless piecing to work off my frustration - yes Susan, the Japanese hand-pieced quilt is still in progress!


  1. One small step at a time and you'll get there. I wonder why the deadline for Sydney is SO early? and the japanese one will be done when it is done, right?

  2. Thanks Susan for making me take my own advice! One step forward...

    I don't know why the deadline is so early. It's an enormous job organising a show this size and I guess all that time is needed.

  3. I know exactly what you mean. I was going great guns in the holidays but now school has started I haven't sewed a stitch!

  4. or should that be 'sewn' a stitch?

  5. Time is the untimate resource. Does any one ever have enough? I hope that you find some. What a thrill you'll have to see your quilt hanging at the Sydney show.

  6. I keep looking for more time...but never find it. I hope you have better luck!


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