12 February 2007

Rain, glorious rain

In the past 24 hours, my suburb has received 61mm of rain. It has also rained over the catchment area for the dam that supplies most of Sydney's water - and for that we are all grateful. It doesn't mean the drought is over, but it gives us a reprieve.

The dust has been washed off the buildings; the oil has been washed off the roads; and the gardens and open areas are greedily drinking all they can. All this is brilliant, but you have to wonder why the run-off is not being captured for recycling. Why is it all allowed to flow out to sea?


  1. Don't get me on my soapbox! I'm with you - what a terrible waste! I also think we should be recycling water - it's good enough for London and Paris (and the lower Blue Mountains) why not everyone? But wasn't that rain wonderful....

  2. well we got 50mm which is far more than the feb long term average so we're happy!!!!!! [ even if the storm drain couldn't handle the downpour so some of it ended up flowinf down to the road :[ but my tanks are full :]

  3. We have watched hundreds of thousands of litres wash out to sea over the past month. The volume of water was so great that the associated silt and dirt may yet cause damage to the reef. It is a part of the cycle of life though. If we didn't at least let some wash away it wouldn't clean out waterways and recycle back into clouds for next time.


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