01 February 2007

Six weird things

One woman's weird may be another woman's normal. Remember I said that! Here we go:

1. I love the smell of printer's ink and glossy paper. In my past life as a librarian, there was no smell better than the one that emerged from a box of brand new books. Now that I'm in the magazine game, I sniff the new issue as soon as it arrives each month. They think I am mad at work. I am convinced the smell wears off once it is exposed to air.

2. I cannot swim. I know that this is a seriously weird thing failing for a Sydney-born girl but I could never get the hang of coordinating my arms, legs and head work together in a steady rhythm. Does this make me un-Australian?

3. I love to sing very loudly, often, even though I cannot sing in tune. Many years ago, this was very shockingly made clear to me by my three year old nephew. We were playing singing games when he suddenly put up his hand and said: "Don't sing anymore. You are really bad." I ask you! A three year old!

4. I am very shy. You may not think this is weird, but after all the years I've been on this earth, don't you think I should have gotten past it? So don't think I am aloof; I'm just shy.

5. I love to hang wet washing on the clothesline and admire it. There is something very therapeutic about seeing it flap gently in the wind as the sun dries it out. The smell of the cloth absorbing the air is another scent I adore.
It gives me a great sense that everything is right in my world. Of course it is even more exciting for me when the washing is composed of newly hand-dyed fabrics.

6. I can't use chopsticks. Gave up trying years ago because I could never get the things to work in my hand. I used to eat at Chinese restaurants but now I go to Thai ones more often (they don't use chopsticks!).

So how's that Kathy and Sarah? Am I weird enough to still be your friend?


  1. Loved reading your list Erica. Very funny! I'm with you on the smells thing. The smell of freshly dried clothes....mmmmm!

  2. Sarah5:50 pm

    I still love you Erica, don't you worry. In fact I cn add quite a few of your weirdnesses to mine, as I have been seen in many a book shop sniffing the air like someone's cooking roast chicken. I also have been seen fromtime to time standing in the back garden admiring the look of my clean white and pink washing against the bright blue sky. And I'll let you in on another secret... I am so shy that I deleted the part in my weird blog about me being shy because I was too embarassed to let everyone know that I'm shy. :) Now that's weird.

  3. hey erica bingo on everything except the chopsticks :) and i found the secret to using chopsticks is to stop thinking about it and have the bowl close to your mouth - use them as a scoop rather than a crane if you know what i mean

  4. are you sure you're not my evil twin! not only do we share the same name and love of textiles, I'm an ex-librarian who loves sniffing new books, can't swim and refuses to attempt chopsticks

  5. all of these answers could have been coming out of my mouth and we're both cricket and Swanie tragics..........you sure we're not the same person

  6. Anonymous11:29 pm

    Ok...weird is the most common thing among us I am thinking. My worst childhood memory was trying to float in a pool while seeing my two brothers on the edge laughing at my feet dragging me to the bottom. I think of it every time I dive in. Weird to me is enjoying the clothes on the line. I have had my most evil thoughts while bored stiff hanging clothes on the line. Can't stand it or the rules about which end of socks get pegged...hang pants waist up or down...ugh. mad just thinking about it. And...if you must know, when I was a kid I was so shy that I hid behind furniture when guests would come to our house. My parents still laugh. So, all weird things can change. You're in. (you and Sarah can both have the smell of books, I like gardenias, my dog smell and petrol)love, k

  7. So it's true after all - what is weird to one woman is quite normal to another! Don't think I'm anyone's EVIL twin, maybe a there's a list of characteristics that you get once you're called Erica. And Kathy - who told you there are RULES for hanging the clothes on the line? Now THAT is weird!

    If I had to write a list of things that I like, it would be extremely long and would include a list of favourite smells. A whiff of one of these scents can trigger an event in my memory banks and suddenly I'm there but don't get me started on that....


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