23 February 2007

Hello world!

Statistics are endlessly intriguing to me, especially when they relate to this blog. Can you believe that one whole quarter of the hits to my blog come from the USA? One of the fun things about the Site Meter statistics is that I can see where the hits are coming from - and the USA ones are not all from my friend Monica in Michigan! 49% of hits are from Australia, which doesn't surprise me since that's where I live; 5% are from each NZ and the British Isles; and 1% come from each of Korea, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia. The balance are from 'unknown' countries.

Hello to all you people in 'unknown' countries! Why don't you leave a comment and tell me where you are? I'd love to know!


  1. Well, I'm only in boring old Australia, but I rather think you'll be pleased if you have a look at the latest entry on my blog. I've finally fulfilled a long standing promise(she says shamefacedly...)

  2. Hi, today I found your blog, I think I´m from an unknown coutry too: Germany.
    It was nice to see your blog, I´ll check upon it.

  3. Well, I am from the USA. A little town in New Hampshire (in New England). We are about 1 1/2 hours North of Boston. I enjoy reading your blog and I also read another - Down in the Well - and she linked you. Thank you for posting. chrissy

  4. Welcome Waltraud and Chrissy - thanks for leaving a comment! I love the fact that we are in different parts of the world, yet we can all find like-minded people through blogs.

    Rhonda - can't wait!

  5. Yeah, I'm one of the Americans who loves your blog. I live in Pullman in Washington state. (Upper left hand corner of the US map.) Great site. (And I love sitemeter, too!)


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