24 March 2007

Early autumn

Sometimes the sheer lushness of plants overwhelms me. In one corner of my garden, plants that have already shown their best complement those in flower and those yet to bloom. On the left is a bougainvillea, which needs to be cut back regularly to stay at its best. Behind that (over the fence and in a neighbour's garden) a grevillea shows a flower or two. I am not fond of grevilleas and would not have one in my garden (I am allergic to their foliage and flowers) but from a distance it adds to the textural interest of the outlook and it does attract the rosellas.

In the centre, my crepe myrtle is in full flower with its ruffled petals of lavender. Aren't they gorgeous against the blue? Finally, on the right, we see my tree dahlias shooting up to the sky. They won't bloom for another few months yet, but they are rampant.

I love the blowsy look of the garden at this time of year - it is officially autumn, but still quite hot (31 degrees at present). We had some rain last week and everything has thirstily taken it up and flourished. Soon the heat and humidity will pass, and the true autumn times will be upon us.

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  1. I always love the contrast of green foliage against a blue sky. It is perfect. Whoever said blue and green should never be seen was a fool!


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