19 March 2007

Little surprise 2

Finding a forgotten piece of work, especially one that I love so much, is another of life's surprises. I can't imagine how I left this in the cupboard for so long! It is a multi-layered piece - starting with a plain piece of homespun, then a layer of painted and crumpled brown paper. The paper is a trick I learned in a workshop with Susan Mathews a few years ago. Simply paint some brown wrapping paper with ordinary acrylic paints - any colours you like. When the paint is dry, crumple the paper. The more you crumple, the softer the texture becomes. It is divine.

On top of the paper, I placed two pieces of painted tyvek (the orange circles) and three sprinkles of Angelina fibres. Then I covered it all with a gorgeous piece of cheap pink/gold organza and stitched. Finally, I zapped the organza over the tyvek with a heat gun to make the organza melt and the tyvek shrink a little. Result - texture galore and glorious colours. This deserves to be in a frame so I can enjoy it every day.


  1. It was just waiting for you to have the perfect techniques to finish it. It's very cool! What will you do with it?

  2. It is glorious and certainly should be on display!!


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