10 March 2007

My Dad

Here's a little brag about my Dad. For many years, he was a volunteer with the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard in Sydney until the end of 2004. During that time, he accumulated 5,000 volunteer hours providing a listening watch and communications role over the marine radio network in support of the boating community of Sydney. He also contributed countless hours assisting with seamanship and training courses, acting as a guest speaker on boating safety and taking part in on-water boat duties for the volunteer marine rescue group. For the past several years, Dad has worked as a volunteer guide at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney, playing his part to guide visitors around the museum's exhibits. He works there each week and also writes for the volunteer's newsletter.

Last week, he was presented with the Sydney Harbour Week Award for outstanding community service by NSW Maritime. The fourth annual Sydney Harbour Week Awards winners received hand-chiselled trophies – replicas of the distinctive red and white Hornby Lighthouse, located at South Head, Sydney Harbour. Today I took this photo of Dad with his trophy.

Here's a closer look at the trophy - it is handmade from timber and handpainted. Quite a work of art.
Congratulations to my Dad, Ray, with love from his very proud daughter.


  1. Congratulations to your Dad. Great service.

  2. that would have to be the CUTEST award I've ever seen ... and of course congrats to yr papa.

  3. Anonymous9:42 am

    That's a here now moment...dad's are so cute. k

  4. Sounds like he was very deserving of the honour. Congratulations Ray!

  5. Sarah3:18 pm

    Yay Dad!! He is so cute, don't you love a sheepish Dad having his photo taken? s

  6. Big Congratulations to your Dad! What a wonderful effort on his part - all those years - guess he is doing something he really loves.


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