07 March 2007

What on earth

am I supposed to do with this?

Four strips of shiny paper and two coils of stretchy wire - this is the challenge I seem to have agreed to with two friends. Well, okay, I think the words 'a challenge' actually came out of my mouth. What was I thinking? Ideas anyone?


  1. Something represetning mylar balloons? Interesting challenge you've got there!

  2. Cut them and do a little paper weaving with the thin strips? Beats me what to do with the sire unles you form the woven paper into a shape with the wire.

  3. Can you shape the wire into flower petals and cover them with the beautiful shimmery paper?

  4. Cyranetta5:28 am

    twist the two pieces of wire together -- cut petal shapes from the paper and form flowers -- fasten by inserting between the wire twists?

  5. How about putting the papers on a base - a thicker paper, or maybe timtex. Machine stitch through them to attach them to the base - be careful that you don't overdo it, or they'll start to tear, but this sort of paper can take more than you'd think. Then you can play with the wire on top of that, by coiling it, bending it, etc (Tracey's flower petals idea is a good one!) and stitch it down, too. Then you could add some beads, etc for more texture. Have fun!


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