09 April 2007


I have an aversion to binding my quilts; not because I can't do it, but simply because there are many more interesting things to do (like start a new quilt). Yesterday, though, I stitched the binding to my Indigo Marble quilt, shown here.
The reason I photographed the quilt this way is that it is too big to photograph flat, I don't have a clothesline where I can stand back far enough to shoot the photo and there wasn't a convenient pair of extra hands to hold it for me. This is my entry for the Sydney Quilt Show in June and all it needs now is a hanging sleeve, but I think that can wait for another day. I hear my rotary cutter calling me to cut strips for my Gee's Bend challenge!


  1. my least favourite bit is putting on the casings. Yuck. Boring.
    anyway Indigo looks spiffy and I look forward to seeing a laid out flat shot at some stage :]

  2. The only good thing about binding is that the quilt is really done when the binding id done! Otherwise, it's just boring! Pretty quilt - love the colors!

  3. I like the colours and the design looks intriguing. Look forward to seeing it spread out. I don't mind doing the binding (handstitched part) because I always feel smugly satisfied that another quilt is almost finished. I usually sit and stitch it curled up on the lounge when family and friends are around, and we can just chat. DH makes the coffee, so I don't have to move!

  4. I hope that I can see this in person in June/July. We are making plans to come to Sydney for the quilt show this year.

    I love putting on the binding because it means that I have finished and I can sleep under my new quilt.

  5. this quilt looks great! I wish I would be able to see it in real life at the Quilt show....grrr.....one of the things I really miss about living in Sydney!


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