10 April 2007


Remember this challenge I mentioned? The one to make a quilt inspired by a Gee's Bend quilt? Well I got cutting yesterday.

Part of the challenge is to use only fabrics we already have. That's no problem for me - I have more fabric than I will probably ever use in my lifetime. I'm not the sort of person who likes op shops - I hate fossicking around in other people's old stuff. It doesn't have any appeal at all. However, my own fabric - well, that's a different matter!

The quilt already has a name: Liberation from the Quarter-inch Seam. Here are the strips hanging on my design wall.
After I took this photo, I rotated it so I could see what they would look like if I used them sideways.

I think I like them both ways, so maybe I'll plan to make a couple of small quilts, so I can explore different ways of working with the strips. I just love these colours, but I'm not sure I have much left of some of the fabrics. There will be some other fabrics involved once I start cutting up some more units. This is my idea of fun!

Comments anyone?


  1. SO GLAD I found your blog! I am a nona (grandma) - wanted to start making quilts for grandkids like Gee's Bend and Nancy Crow quilts- what is your technique? my email is katemojo at pacbell dot net. thanks!

  2. Anonymous6:34 am

    Or, cut it in half and use multi directional stripes in one piece...throw caution to the wind and really mess it up! Looks terrific. k

  3. It looks great either way. I really love your color palatte!

  4. Lovely fresh colours - I can't wait to see how our challenge quilts all turn out!

  5. sideways, sideways, I likey sideways. Oh don't be rude. of course i mean the quilt orientation. honestly!!! hehehe

  6. Looks fantastic! I like vertical better than horizontal but both look really interesting. Of course I'd want to put lots of stitch over the top!


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