14 April 2007

Real woman

Last Monday, while I was busily eating chocolate Easter eggs, Sheila tagged me to describe a real woman. Sneaky Sheila, doing this while I was blissfully unaware! So here goes, my totally biased perspective of what makes a real woman.

A real woman:
Buys shoes that she can walk in. This comes after a lifetime of pretending her feet don't hurt in the fashionable shoes she usually wears.

Doesn't judge other people through the prism of her own experience. There are many ways to live a life, and just because other people live their lives differently, it doesn't make their way wrong.

Defines herself and doesn't allow other people to force their definitions on her.

Loves chocolate.

Has empathy. This includes trying to understand why some people don't like chocolate.

Believes in herself. If she doesn't, who else will?

I'm sure I could write a lot more, but these are the ideas that spring to mind first. Interesting challenge, Sheila!

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  1. Strange, but I find I can relate to all the perceptions of others Real Women. Maybe its just that we are all RealWomen, whatever our path in life AUBIRDWOMAN


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