30 April 2007

Smooth illusions

I photographed this fabulous rock at Brooklyn. It is glorious sandstone and has the most wonderful curves and ridges etched into it. Looking smooth, but since I ran my hands along it I know it is gritty with millions of tiny sand grains. Aren't the colours amazing? The pale colour of the sand, the shades of the stone, and the grey-blue of the water. This combination screams to be used in a quilt!


  1. Stephanie7:52 pm

    Very soothing Erica, I have recently read in Confetti Quilts by M Mashuta about combining three beiges and one gray or one beige and three grays in the same colour family as your main colour and it produces what she calls pushed neutrals you can go warmer or cooler with the neutrals.
    Thinking about trying it, your rock would be perfect

  2. yes it really does want to be a quilt doesn't it?
    I have a whole folder of photos of the [ admittedly less interesting ] rock face out the back in the goat paddock. I've been saying for 2 years that there's a quilt in there.
    So I will if you will :]

  3. It sure does, I love the shadow down the centre part.

  4. Oh my what an amazing rock.... the colours and textures scream "quilt me"

  5. Beautiful rock! You're right, it does call out to you. But then you know how fascinated I have been with rocks lately!


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