02 May 2007

The other side

At the risk of boring you with my obsession about this rock, here's a view from a different angle. There's some oxide colour showing as well as a little grey from this perspective. That relates to your three beiges (sand) and a grey, Stephanie. I like that idea very much.

Susan, I've shown you my rock, so you show me yours! I'm up for making a quilt inspired by the colours in my rock. Anyone want to join us? No deadline, no promise of having it completed in a hurry, but it will come when it's ready.


  1. you're on :]
    I'll post my rock photos later today

  2. Stephanie4:31 pm

    I will take up your challenge Erica as I have promised my self to use ideas that I collect. Old saying use it or loose it applies here.


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