12 May 2007

In the pink

Probably the only good thing about not seeing my garden in daylight between weekends is the pleasure I have discovering what's happened since last weekend. Today it was the turn of the tree dahlias.

This plant is about two and a half metres high. It grew from a cutting that Nola gave me from a plant in her garden three years ago.

The flowers never fail to surprise me. The stems grow for months until they are so long, with plenty of leafy growth. One day, clusters of buds appear at the very top and then they burst open into these glorious pink blooms. My plants lean up against the back fence, so that my neighbours can enjoy them as well. After the flowers finish, I will cut the plants back to ground level. New shoots will emerge from the tuber in time and the whole cycle starts again. Some people think there are no distinct seasons in Sydney, but my garden knows otherwise.

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  1. Don't they look fantastic! Mine began to come out last week and then, when I went to take some photos, I found the (insert rude word of choice) possums had eaten the lot! I guess it's my own fault for not growing them any vegetables to eat this year. Sigh.


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