05 May 2007

No power

in the camera, that is. I have two sets of batteries for my camera and always make sure the set not in use is charged up, ready for whenever I decide to take a quick pic. So why did both sets choose today to need recharging? Pictures will resume once power is restored.

I spent today thinking about time. How we use it, what we achieve during it and how we always want more. After a particularly high-output week at work, switching from one project to another and trying to ensure I take the right set of thought processes with me for each project, it is not surprising that my thoughts are about time.

So where does this lead me? I want to make a textile clock. Don't ask, I don't know why - all I know is that I need to make one and I know how I want it to look. Hmm.


  1. Sounds interesting!

  2. Anonymous9:16 pm

    I thought all my camera batteries had to be recharged at once too - turns out that the set I *thought* I'd charged up no longer took any charge - who knew that they wore out? Well, I do NOW, obviously!

    Fabric time? Oooh!

  3. Well I never! I'm with you Caity. I thought they could be recharged forever. Sadly, that's not true so an expedition to the supermarket got me back in the digital photo world.


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