28 May 2007

Ooh! a new book

Okay, I confess I picked up this book because of the colours on the cover (I LOVE the combination). However, once you realise who the author is (a writer of great books about using colour in quilts) and once you start reading her 'visual coloring' approach to really seeing colour instead of just assuming it, it becomes even more compelling.

Even though I still have the book open at the page displaying one of the the cover quilts (the swirly one on the right - page 35 - quilt by Adrienne Lindsay Cannon), I am sure I will be able to drag myself away to read it properly. It may take some time as I spot other colour combinations that appeal...


  1. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Hey! I agree that it is important not to become a "fashion victim" but come on!!! Brown is beautiful!!!!! It helps other colours stand on their own beautifully and it is also a great neutral. It has been misused in the past, particularly in kitchens but ah come on, first Judy Hooworth and now you dishing brown. I almost missed the post having been head down for two weeks but glad I got in just in time to set the record straight...k

  2. Erica, You are so right a
    bout how much Wolfram has to teach us about color (and also arrangement for that matter). Definitely worth finding her older books too.

  3. this one caught my eye too, just because of the beautiful cover


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