17 May 2007

Pathetic parsley

This is the story of a struggle - woman against nature. So far, nature's winning. Look at this plant - do you recognise it? Yes, it is Italian parsley - you, know, the type with the broad, flat leaves. Can't see any leaves?

I live in a large city. I do not live in or near the bush. I have a small garden, in which I grow ornamental plants, fruit, herbs and vegetables; all with differing degrees of success. Until a few months ago, I was able to grow healthy parsley plants. I had twelve plants in different parts of the garden. The stems were long and strong. The leaves were broad and tasty. I enjoyed eating my parsley. Obviously, some other creature enjoys my parsley too. All the leaves on all the plants have been munched. Not the stems - just the leaves.

I planted out my new garden bed last month. I planted beetroot, silver beet, pansies, more parsley, chives and rocket. The beetroot, silver beet and parsley has been eaten. Obviously the muncher has no taste for rocket. No sign of the animal. I kept hoping it was a rat because I could kill it. I put out rat bait - no luck. There's no sign of a local possum, so that's probably not it. What's a girl to do?

This weekend I will be whipping up some chili spray to squirt on the parsley stems. Standby to see if it works. I am determined to beat this!


  1. Stephanie9:37 pm

    Erica I would be pretty certain it was a possum as all my Parsley had to be planted in hanging baskets, she also loved my Chrysanthamums and happily munched thru rhubarb leaves believed poisonus til then, I gave up growing them.

  2. How's your tree dahlia buds? My resident possum is finiding them irresistible. We finally got some flowers, but only because there's a dangly one that the possum seems to be unable to reach in comfort. But perhaps your possum doesn't like to climb? Good luck with the chilli spray! Of course, making it inedible to the possum does rather have the same effect for you, but I do understand; this is War!


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