08 May 2007

A quest

It's probably well-known to regular readers that I love making and collecting ATCs. These small textile cards delight me and I am always keen to convert others to swap with me. This week, an unexpected package arrived. Five gorgeous ATCs tumbled out - all made by Ellie Neil for me.

There's a story behind this. Last year, I was talking to Ellie for work-related reasons and we were chatting about the quilts we were making. I told her about my latest batch of ATCs and how I found them addictive to make. Ellie, who had never heard of them before, said she might give them a go. Well! Look at this.
Ellie says that the image is of me, on a quest to track down more ATCs. That's me at the helm, with my hair flying in the wind. Isn't it simply divine?

I'll show you the other four once I photograph them. Now I have to think about the type I will send her. Tricky.


  1. Anonymous3:42 pm

    They are fantastic treasures. How do I get in contact with this clever woman?


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