13 May 2007

Todays' adventures

Today I spent some time in my garden, cleaning the weeds from one of the beds and cutting back the huge clump of lemon grass that grows in one corner. I never knew that it would grow so big. I bought a plant in a small pot and I imagined it would be about the height of chives - ha! My clump is about 90 centimetres high and spread out.

I disturbed a lot of lizards while I was fossicking around and they reminded me of this ATC. It's another one of Ellie Neil's and I love the Outback colours that she has used.

By mid afternoon, I was getting restless. There were so many ideas and half-thoughts crashing around in my mind. I have been wanting to learn to meditate for so long and today seemed the perfect opportunity to start. I had read so much about the process before but had just never put it into practice. That's how I usually work with any new subject - I soak up information for a long time, let it percolate and then try it out. Do any of you tackle new subjects in this way?

Well. I cannot tell you how much I gained from my first short meditation. I am a convert. In an uncanny way, I think Ellie must have had an inkling when she made this ATC for me.


  1. I am the opposite with information - I go for an intense peroid of research when I immerse myself totally in the subject then I'm of ready to go usually leaveing people in my wake which is not always a good thing! I didn't mediate as much as I should but when I do just a short period makes all the difference doesn't it?You might want to check out a book called 'Wherever you go there you are' by Jon Kabat-Zin. It is about mindful meditation and was recommended to me by a friend who is a psychotherapist and presceribes it to all her stress relief patients.
    Finally. fossicking is a great word!

  2. Thanks for the book tip, Helen. I will follow it up as I try to practise more mindfullness. It is a subject that is of great interest to me at present.


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