30 June 2007

The blues

I couldn't go past these beautiful yarns from a stand at the Sydney quilt show. They are small balls of leftovers that are perfect for embellishing ATCs. I felt them calling to me through the crowds - Erica, we're blue and soft and we're over here! There was a pack of pink and yellow yarns, too. I resisted on Wednesday, but may not be so strong tomorrow when I return to the show.

I love the yarns that are on sale at the show. I very nearly bought a kit for a divine cardigan with set-in sleeves - so tempting. I imagined how luscious it would be to wear some of the colours - the soft aqua, the deep mauve or, of course, the sapphire blue. Again I resisted....


  1. well than you very much !!
    I've just gone and drooled all over the keyboard!

  2. Aren't they delicious? And very blue...

  3. It good to see that yarn is back in favour. There are so many beautiful yarns available right now that it boggles the imagination!


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