16 June 2007

In print

In my role as tea lady for the Saturday meetings of the Quilters' Guild of NSW Inc, I spent today safely inside, away from the winds and rain that have been so prevalent over the past week. We had the pleasure of seeing quilts made by Mary Transom, a quilter from New Zealand who was the Guild's guest speaker. Oh how stunning they are! Mary creates glorious quilts, full of colour and overflowing with brilliant appliqued and embellished flowers. One of the best parts of these meetings is the opportunity to touch and closely examine such beautiful work.

The Guild's 2008 calendar was revealed today - here's the cover.

All 58 quilts entered in the calendar challenge (including mine!) are included in the calendar, but the 13 prize-winning quilts boast full-page photographs (not mine!). The cover quilt is Christmas Bells by Merelyn Pearce. Of course I bought a copy, as did most of the other members at the meeting. The quilts will be on display at the Sydney Quilt Show in a couple of weeks. Copies of the calendar may be purchased at the Show, or from the Guild. Be quick!


  1. That looks great. How can I buy one in New Zealand? Does the Guild take Visa?

  2. Helen, I'm sure they would sell you one! Contact the Guild through their email enquiries@quiltersguildnsw.com for details. The Guild's office will close on Friday 22nd for a week or so because everyone will be at the Sydney Quilt Show, so you might like to get in touch before that happens. Everything is all systems go for the big show next week!

  3. Thanks for that info.


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