10 June 2007

Just what you've been waiting for...

My first quilt. Made in the mid 1980s, during a beginner's course at The Quilting Bee, a wonderful shop in Gordon, NSW (which is no longer in existence). Everyone else in the class made a sampler quilt, but I didn't like that idea, so I was encouraged to try a medallion quilt.

This was back in the days before we had template plastic or rotary cutters. I drafted the block from a book (it looks like a Jinny Beyer block, doesn't it, but I can't remember what book it was from) and then cut the templates from sandpaper. It was hand pieced and hand quilted - the quilting is probably better than the sort I do these days. I do love cross hatching.

The most obvious thing about this quilt is that it is BROWN. There were very few ranges of patchwork fabric to choose from then - today I would probably use different colours to liven up the brown, but then monochromatic was the way to go. I resisted the pressure to make a 'lovely' apricot and green sampler - I was very into brown in those days. I even had chocolate brown sheets on my bed!

I still quite like the centre block, but I imagine the types of borders that could surround it instead of those very plain ones. It has the feel of an Amish design about it, don't you think?


  1. Ah, it's always fun to see them. Yours, like mine, was a victim of brown (must have been about the same time that Mission Brown was THE house colour). And I well remember the ubiquitous apricot and green sampler!

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  3. OK trying again, this time in the Queen's English!
    Love it! I like its simplicity, that almost Amish feel you commented on. Despite the prints, it's a very calm quilt. I love that you hand-quilted it and still went on to make more quilts!


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