23 June 2007

Putting things off

Do you ever postpone fixing things until they become so irritating that you leap into action? Okay, so it's just me. I don't know why I pretend that denying something will make it fix itself. It never does.

Today is one of those days when I decided to take action. Job 1 - the clothes dryer. My dryer is elderly, but has served me well for nearly 20 years. Three weeks ago, it stopped blowing hot air. Plenty of cold air, but that doesn't dry clothes very well. Since it stopped drying, we have had two consecutive weeks of heavy rain and wind. Of course we have. I arranged for the dryer to be fixed today. It is a beautiful, sunny day today and the clothes are happily hanging outside on the clothesline. At least the dryer will be ready when I need it.

Job 2 - the abutlion plant. Poor thing, it was damaged on the first day of the rain and has been looking trampled and broken ever since. Today I went to the hardware store and bought a very strong stake and staked it up. It looks much happier now that the multitude of flower buds are out of the mud. I'll take a photo once they open.

Job 3 - the house number. I have a large white house number on my front wall. Last month, I thought it looked dirty, so tried to clean it but instead shattered it. Oh well, it has been there for six years. While I was at the hardware store, I bought a new one and screwed it in place once I arrived home. Then I stood and admired it for five minutes.

I am easily pleased, especially by simple things. These three jobs, now that they are completed, have brightened my spirits considerably. It doesn't take much to make me happy!


  1. Ha ha! Oh, I can sure relate to that! I just this minute sewed the backs onto two cushion covers that I made a week ago and out them on the cushions. Took me about ten minutes - why didn't I do it a week ago??
    ps when I first read your post I was wondering what an "ablution plant" was. Duh.

  2. Well, if that had been its name, it could have washed the mud off by itself!


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