14 June 2007


I'm at home today, a working day, because I have a stuffed up head and a nose that won't stop dripping. Not a good look. It's about 12 degrees, the cloud has come over and it has started raining. It looks as if it might snow (just kidding - I've never seen snow here in my suburb). Can you tell I'm feeling sorry for myself?

I have dressed myself in my favourite slobbing-around clothes: fleecy track suit pants, oldest t-shirt, big, soft velvety jumper and, of course, thick socks and ugg boots. It's comfort dressing at its best. The heater is on, so I'm snug. It would be a perfect day for sewing except my brain doesn't seem to work properly (probably something to do with all that sneezing). So, a DVD is calling me. Let's hope I don't fall asleep and miss it all.


  1. some medicinal cab sav perhaps?
    feel better soon sweety

  2. aside from the stffy nose, it sounds like a nice way to spend a frosty day. Hope that you are feeling better soon

  3. Hope you get over this soon and back to being creative

  4. Take it easy and hope that you get to feeling better soon. Stuffy heads are sooooo miserable.


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