03 July 2007

Energy returns

It's funny how time - simply time - is required before energy returns. It has taken until this week for my energy for new ideas and my capacity for new thinking to return after having been laid low with a bug. But here I am, full of enthusiasm for working through the exercises in Art Quilt Workbook by Jane Davila and Elin Waterston. A few friends are joining me in this process.

Chapter one is the basics. I have read it several times already, pausing where exercises are required. There are three exercises for this chapter, all involving drawing. This would have frightened me off a couple of years ago, but since I took a beginners' drawing class I have more confidence that this is a skill that we all can learn and it just needs to be nurtured. I will look more carefully at the exercises later in the week.

The book is about developing the quilt artist within and, to this end, we are asked to work in a theme to create a series of small quilts. Choosing a theme is an interesting task. I have decided to work with words. Let's see how this develops (I'm not peeking at the next chapter until I finish the first three exercises).

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  1. Sounds fascinating! I can see I'll have to investigate this book! In my spare time...


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