28 July 2007

Happiness is

a blaze of yellow on a winter's day.

Today I walked past the place where I used to live. This wattle is in glorious full flower and was I moved enough to stop and gaze at it for a while. Some flowers stun me like this - their sheer beauty and intricate structure amaze me. The wattle is heavy with flowers, and to see the sunny colour against the blue sky is a cheering sight. This tree did not exist in that garden when I lived there seven years ago. I wonder how many days it might have moved me if it had been there when I was in residence.


  1. the colour is glorious, the contrast with the sky is magnificent, but...ah ah ....ah ah ....ah choo!

  2. Yes, it's gorgeous! Today we went out to Fagan park at Galston and the wattles along the way were just stunning. I always feel optimistic, like spring is coming, when I see the wattles (even if the worst of winter is still to come!)

  3. Stephanie10:17 pm

    What wattle is to Sydney so it is Geraldton Wax bushes in Perth. There are many shades of pinks and they line many of the roadways, yes spring is in the air


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