24 July 2007

The lost girls

Do you ever have trouble defining what you like to read? I'm a huge fiction fan but I can rarely categorise the sorts of novels that engross me. It would be an absolute nightmare for someone to consistently choose appropriate reading matter for me.

I'm a huge fan of browsing. I love to chance across a novel that I would never hear about otherwise. I'm all for the serendipitous approach to reading. I've lost count of the wonderful gems I've discovered in the library or bookshop.

I digress. The Lost Girls by Laurie Fox is one of these gems. It's a puzzling book, yet magical. It is essentially the story of generations of women in the Darling family - the first of whom is Wendy Darling, she of Peter Pan fame.

The theme that's teased out is this: what happens to us after we are planted back on earth, having experienced the other-worldliness of a fantasy world? How do you cope after being able to fly to another realm? There's a fine line between fantasy and delusion; between imagination and madness.

The author has done what many writers do: she asks, what if?


  1. Anonymous8:34 am

    perhaps the appeal is that as quilters we are all lost girls...slipping in and out of color and pattern. sounds good. k

  2. Darn, I'll have to pay to reserve it! It sounds fascinating.


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