13 July 2007

More blues

Last year, I knitted this scarf but did not wear it often. This winter, though, I have enjoyed its snugness around the back of my neck, blocking any drafts of cold southerly winds that might sneak through the layers of my clothes. The yarn is variegated pale blue, mauve and grey.

Today I bought some more soft yarn to make another scarf, this time in blues with green scattered through. Neither of the photos show the colours as they actually are, but they are both delicious.

PS. If you have fallen in love with the floral pink and yellow fabric at the top of the previous post, it is one of Kaffe Fassett's new ranges, Bekah. Kathy told me I would love it as soon as she heard I was still in pink/yellow mode and she was right! I don't know the name of the other one.

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  1. when you've knitted up that blue green perhaps we could see a photo of you/it in front of your Gees Bend quilt. Judging from how the colours are showing on my monitor, they'd be a good match.
    oh and what's the yarn???


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