07 July 2007


Today I spent an inordinate amount of money buying 12 pairs of pantyhose. It felt more like an investment rather than shopping, but they were on sale for 30% off the normal price and I've been having difficulty buying the brand and colour I prefer so it seemed sensible to buy all they had in stock.

It's only now, after unpacking the bag, that I realise how truly peculiar panyhose are. Delicate and certainly not up to the rigours of my working week, I nevertheless wear them to work every day from about May until September. They snag, they catch on box edges, and don't get me started on how difficult it is to remove a piece of velcro from the leg of your panythose. It's not a pretty sight.

They are ridiculous things, but my lily-white legs look like the skin of plucked chickens without them. And that's a sight something no one should ever have to suffer in public.


  1. Ah, the secret for ordinary pantyhose is to wash before wearing, which can make them last a bit longer. But the real secret is 70 denier black ones, durable as all get out and excellently good at hiding chickenlegs or any other leggish faults one would rather not share.

  2. or you could just wear trousers.

  3. One of the things I like best about my post-lawyer life is not having to wear pantyhose. Like you, I used to buy batches in annual sales but now I have too many leftover...

  4. Velcro stuck on pantyhose? What were you doing? The mind boggles. (lol)

  5. No trousers, Susan, not with my bod!

    I have only found one brand of pantyhose that fits well, so I stick with them. Every time I try a different brand, disappointment and wasted money results.

    Ah, the velcro. Well, it's one of the most elegant parts of my job - photography shoots. Let me set the scene: one enormous wall covered with a carpet-like material. One huge pile of bed-size quilts. One photographer plus me. Imagine that I form a star shape - up against the wall, attempting to velcro a quilt to the wall. Think Spiderman as he climbs the wall. Things happen, velcro falls and is magically attached to my pantyhosed leg. I swear. Photographer laughs. Need I say more?


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