01 July 2007

Sydney Quilt Show

Well the show is over for another year. I visited again today to take in the quilts and do a little shopping. If you have the opportunity to view Mariya Waters' Best of Show quilt, Renaissance Revival, don't miss out. You can see a photograph of the quilt here, but no photograph can do justice to the real thing. It is the most stunning piece of work I have seen in a long time.

All the members of The NSW Quilters' Guild who contributed in any way to the show deserve congratulations for their work. All the work is voluntary and the result was a fantastic and well-organised show.

Not much shopping was done today. I only bought one piece of fabric - a yummy pink and yellow print. I still haven't worked this colour combination out of my system so I am collecting suitable fabrics for a future quilt. It may take some time...

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