22 July 2007

Working, working

This weekend, I have had to leave the sewing untouched as work deadlines got the better of me. I try very hard not to work on weekends because otherwise my brain turns to mush, but sometimes keeping all the balls in the air just becomes too hard.

However, you will be pleased to know I did manage to find time to purchase a replacement hot water bottle. You may not be surprised to know that it is blue.

Sometimes I imagine my brain is hard-wired to select blue things (do I have the brain of a Satin Bower Bird?). There were hot water bottles in at least five colours in the shop, but I automatically picked up a blue one. Never even considered buying one of a different colour. Just shows how influential colour is in my life and I bet I'm not the only person who feels like that. What colour automatically attracts you and do you ever try to fight it?


  1. Oh, absolutely! It is very hard for me to walk past anything that is Fire engine Red!

  2. I know that it won't surprise you one little bit to know that I almost always go for the blue one in everything I buy :]
    and of course my blue fabric stash almost needs a room of its own.

  3. hot pink, pink, pink. I'm a bit of a girl!

  4. greens and browns and african prints - might be something to do with my auburn hair colouring?


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