20 August 2007


Don't you wish the author of your favourite books would write more quickly? This is one of my common dilemmas - when a long-awaited new title arrives, should I start reading straight away, devouring the story, or should I savour each chapter, reading it slowly?

Sometimes I rush out and buy the book, and then look at it and fondle it for ages before I start reading. This is because I know that once it is finished, there will be another long wait until the next one arrives.

This is what happened with the latest novel in the Isabel Dalhousie series of books by Alexander McCall Smith. This series is simply lovely. Sounds like a wussy description, but it's not. The novels celebrate thinking - thinking about one's effect on other people; thinking about consequences; and thinking about kindness.

My favourite sentence from this novel:
"Do not act meanly, do not be unkind, because the time for setting things right may pass before your heart changes course."
How true is that?

I finished the novel last night and immediately felt sad it was over. According to the author, he will be starting work on the next in the series in December so I guess there will be no more until late next year. Sigh.

(Which reminds me, the funniest book I have read recently is also by
Alexander McCall Smith. It is called The 2 1/2 Pillars of Wisdom and is screamingly funny, once you get into the rhythm of the story. Laugh out loud!)


  1. Sarah8:53 pm

    Do so love an Alexander McCall Smith..... must get the new one. I have to ask though - do you like Cormac McCarthy and if so, have you read The Road, his new book? If not go and get it IMMEDIATELY and don't move until you've finished. Not the cheeriest of books but I have been absolutely mesmerised by it. He is the most astounding author. :)

  2. This is the very feeling I get when my new quilting magazine arrives. To devour or take it slowly...devour always!

  3. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Hi! Erica,

    This is the third time this author has been recommended to me, must get on and read him,


  4. I have met AMS and he is the nicest person ever. He is like a big teddy bear - not hairy but you want to cuddle him, he is an infectious giggle and he is just silly-funny. A delightful man and his No 1 ladies detective agency novels are my reading when I am away from home alone and in need of a bed time story from a parent! I just read 44 Scotland street whilst on holiday and now need to find out what happens to Bertie in the rest of the series! Have you read those ones?


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