04 August 2007

Chrissy's blog

My dear friend Chrissy has just launched her new blog. You may remember the heart quilt that Chrissy made for me last year (click here to see a picture). Well, it won a prize in the recent Sydney Quilt Show and was only beaten in its category by another quilt - by Chrissy! See here for the results.

You may recognise the photo above. Part of it (me) is the picture that I chose to use when I started this blog. It was taken one day several years ago when Chrissy and I were photographing her quilts. In fact, the quilt in the background is one of her first pieces.

I love that technology can aid communication between people in different countries. I am in Australia and Chrissy is in New Zealand, but we can still spark off each other creatively. How wonderful is that?

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