26 August 2007

One thing leads to another

So here's the thing - put a pair of secateurs in my hand and an urge to prune overtakes me. Give me a pruning saw and it becomes the urge to destroy. Who knows what would happen if I had access to a chain saw?

I have a bougainvillea growing against my side fence. In late winter, I prune it back to thicken up the growth. It then rewards me with masses and masses of flowers all summer long. Yesterday I did the pruning and filled my recycling bin with the thorny cuttings.

But then, last night, I saw on Gardening Australia on TV that they visited a bougainvillea specialist and he described how he cut his plants back very hard every six months. So you can guess what happened today - I now have a stump. It has a diameter wider than my arm and is about a foot tall. Oh dear, what have I done? I will report back in a month or so whether it has sprouted new growth or curled up its toes.

PS. As a result of this extreme gardening, several long, strong thorns inserted themselves in the pads of my fingers (yes, I had gloves on). This makes it extremely painful to type. Should be interesting at work this week...


  1. You can't kill bougainvillea with an axe!! It will be back and you'll be puring thorny branches in no time.

  2. Oh wow, and I thought David pruned mine hard! (This is the one you bought me as a farewell present when I left work, remember? The one that was supposed to be a dwarf variety? Well, I guess it is a little less feral than the normal sort... maybe.) It was looking very sad but I now see it could have been pruned way harder.

    I love the image of you turning into some sort of ravening maniac if presented with pruning equipment!


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