12 August 2007


Last night, I went to the footy. Before the game, there was the most extraordinary event - the Field of Women. Over 13,000 women, all wearing pink ponchos, and 500 men, wearing blue ones, filed onto the stadium to fill out the shape of a Pink Lady. This is the symbol of Breast Cancer Network Australia, the national organisation for Australians personally affected by breast cancer.

13,000 Australian women and 500 Australian men are diagnosed with breast cancer EVERY year. Did you realise that? To see so many people on the field last night was the most life-affirming experience. I cried. It was an extraordinary symbol of support for any Australian touched in any way by breast cancer.

I remembered you, Chris Seccombe.


  1. Joy Boaz12:22 pm

    I am a breast cancer survivor and my daughter was a pink lady at the footie. Thanks for mentioning this on your blog.

  2. Wow what a sight, I heard about it on the Radio... cheers Pennie


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