22 September 2007


Having been at work for the past 12 consecutive days, I am particularly aimless today. Plenty of things I could do and plenty of things I want to do, but no desire to actually start any of them. Having slept for 10 hours last night, I still feel as if I need a nap now.

This morning I bought some beautiful linen/cotton blend fabric. I didn't plan to - I went to the shop to buy a spool of thread. The fabrics are two plain colours - a creamy colour and a blue. Gorgeous. I feel that they need applique so I want to work out a motif that isn't too difficult so that I can consider using needle turn. I also feel the fabric needs stitching in perle thread, so that has to be factored in as well - when my brain starts functioning again. Has anyone else used linen in their quilts?

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