29 September 2007

All those zeros

Interesting how we all celebrate numbers with zeros. Milestone birthdays end in zeros, significant anniversaries end in zeros. I have two lots of numbers ending in zeros coming up very soon - my 10,000th blog visitor and my 200th blog post. The first should be reached withing the next few days and the second depends on how many posts I make this week!

So please leave a comment. I want to send some of my artist trading cards on journeys - tell me why you'd like one of my ATCs and you might end up with one. Be the 10,000th visitor and you can have one too! Please prove to me that someone actually reads this blog instead of just stumbling over it accidentally.


  1. According to my bloglines you have 21 subscribers. There is plenty of reading going on!!

  2. I read every new comment but I mostly lurk, but I am here. I am one of the twenty-one subscribers.

    I will try to be a better blogger fiend and leave comments more often.

  3. I read your blog through Google Reader, have done for quite some time now, and never miss a post. Do laugh at the gardening bits as I have nothing green anywhere on my body so delight that others do.

    Know what you mean about the Big 0's ... they are the milestones that I usually miss and only notice when it's rolled over to something-10 or something-15. So congrats on your Big 0 milestones.

  4. I'm another of the 21 - but you knew that I think :]

  5. Another regular reader here. And Debbi's comment about being a blogger fiend [sic] is strangely appropriate. According to an online dictionary, a fiend is "one that is addicted to something"

  6. Me too, I subscribe, you didn't imagine me!!

  7. Stephanie12:15 am

    Now I have to find out how to subscribe?, oh Erica it just goes on and on....

  8. Pat Finn6:03 am

    I envy you. with my arm in a special cast I can't sew and it is likely to be for at least 6 weeks more. Love an atc to remind me what it is all about.

  9. Actually,
    I just kind of fell over this blog now ... LOL
    (following links on things I found from following links ... etc)
    But - hopefully I WILL be back again ... and again ...
    (I guess if I now go and add this to my Feedblitz subscriptions then I will see it in my inbox along with the others I get that way)
    btw ... I won't say no to an ATC either - I already have a collection from the various swaps I have been in on some of the quilting yahoogroups - they are fun to make.
    disorganised in Dunlop (a suburb of Canberra, Australia)


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