23 September 2007

Colour in the garden

It's a glorious spring day here and I've enjoyed cleaning up a couple of garden beds and spreading around cow manure and mulch - yes, really! The colours of nasturtium flowers and leaves in this blue ceramic pot were a pleasure to see. My nasturtiums are scattered around the garden, but I like to have this pot near the back door where I can see it without having to go outside. For a long time, the plants have flourished, but there haven't been flowers until recently. I just love the colours and the shapes of the flowers. The leaves are interesting - after rain, tiny balls of water sit on top of them, like drops of dew. Gorgeous.

I washed my linen/cotton fabrics today and now they are beautifully soft after the sizing has gone. Definitely they need applique. Something naive, I think...


  1. Perhaps some applique in nasturtium colours!

  2. my nasturtiums are flowering well at the moment. Briliant orange and a yellow like yours.


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