09 September 2007

Disappointment and optimism

The footy season came to abrupt end for us Swans supporters last night when the team was totally outplayed and will therefore proceed no further this season. They don't call it an elimination final for nothing. Extremely disappointing but they just didn't play as well as we know they can. I will now have my ritual end-of-year washing of the footy scarf; the formal end to each season.

The rain eased off today so I was able to venture into the garden and continue to cut up pieces of bougainvillea and cram them into the recycling bin. As I looked around, I saw a miracle:

yes - it's lavender in bloom! You may remember that I have killed seven lavender plants in six years, so this is cause for celebration. I rushed to take photos because the plant may drop dead tomorrow, given my record so far. Beautiful flower buds - I am too scared to even touch them.

When flowers like this emerge, I feel optimistic that other things will work out too.


  1. Sorry that the swans are out. I have NEVER managed to grow lavender, it just dosn't like the tropics.

  2. commiserations on the Swans loss. I can grow lavender its just that it never looks neat and bushy, hence when I prune (butcher) it seems to loose heart.

  3. Very sad about the Swans, David was watching both the Swans and Souths till they both started loosing rather badly... he didn't see the end of either game, he's such a non football watcher LOL
    Lavender... Lavender we have it growing just about anywhere I plonk it, it must love the neglect it gets here, it's all flowering like mad at the moment, you can see it on my Blog. Good Luck, cheers Pennie

  4. I live in the Hunter. I never, ever, water my lavender. I chop it back severely after flowering. It thrives! Everything I look after carefully, eventually dies. Go figure!

  5. Sad about the Swans! David and I were wondering how they went but we obviously missed the bit of the news that said not well.

    But woohoo about your lavender! That is one tough specimen! We should take some cuttings...


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