06 September 2007

Fine line

Tomorrow is a public holiday in Sydney because our government doesn't want us in our own city. APEC is in town and we have all been told to go away and come back on Monday. In addition to extraordinary levels of bowing and scraping to the leaders of other countries, there have been special laws passed, an exclusion zone defined and an enormous fence built through the city to keep the VIPs separate.

There's a fine line between security and paranoia but the distinction appears to have been lost here.

In the meantime, most of us plan to ignore it all and enjoy the sleep-in - that's what I'll be doing!


  1. Yay for the 3-day weekend!

  2. John Lennon went to bed for peace many years ago. He would be proud of you for sleeping in as a protest statement for being forced out of your own city. (We all know that everyone in Sydney is up to no good!!!!)

  3. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Arn't you the lucky one.Spare and thought for those of us that have husbands fighting a war in another country.Enjoy your sleep in.

  4. To anonymous:
    Yes, I am lucky. I don't have a member of my family fighting a war in another country, like I'm assuming you do. It must be very difficult for you, wondering how your husband is all the time. I'm sorry you have to deal with this stress.

    I'm also lucky because I live in a country where I can voice my opinion in public (and put my name to it, not leaving an anonymous message). My city, Sydney in Australia, has become (temporarily at least) a place I don't understand. There are snipers on the rooftops in the CBD; there are sections of the city fenced-off from people just going about their daily business; there are helicopters buzzing overhead at all hours of the day and night. All this for 21 leaders of the countries in APEC - "important" people.

    Well, they are not important to me, nor to most of us. The important people in my life are the members of my family and my friends. The people I actually talk to as I lead my life - these are the ones I value. I choose to not live a fearful life - it may be a small life, but it's mine. Long may we be able to speak our opinions because that's what democracy is all about.

    I hope you have someone close to you, to whom you can talk about your worries and fears - another family member or friend. We all need to take care of each other in this troubled world.

  5. Anonymous6:23 pm

    I'm with you Erica,
    bring that gals husband home and the rest of them and we can all sleep better. Isn't that the point? k


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