02 September 2007

Here they are

Totally individual ATCs, swapped yesterday at our Sydney Scquilters get together. Lucky me!

I am pooped after a day of jumping, screaming and applauding at the footy. The Swans thrashed the opposition and a good time was had by all. Now for the finals...

Note added 4 September:
Lissa wants to know who made the ATCs. Doh! I should have included this in the first place. Top row from left: Lisa, Liz, Lissa and Sue. Bottom row from left: Dianne, Pennie (well spotted Lissa!) and Maggie.

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  1. g'day Erica
    gee, my ATC I should of put an "L" plate on it! I can guess which one is Penny's.. but you'll have to let me know 'who's who?' of ATC! Looked like you guys had fun swapping, shame I couldn't come, did my back/knee last week.. bugger!



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