30 September 2007

The letter E

I glad to admit I don't have an obsession for buttons. I have enough obsessions already. However, I do have a small collection of buttons with the letter E on them. I haven't seen that many letter buttons around, so my collection only numbers about six, but I have just added to that with these little beauties.

I purchased them in Mittagong a couple of weeks ago - don't you find things in the most unlikely places? They are made from wood and are wonderfully light.

Thanks for the comments on my previous post. Now I don't feel unloved!

10,000 is creeping closer....

Added: 8.02pm 30 September:
I've had several enquiries about the source of these buttons.
I bought them from Applicuts, who had a stall at the Quilt Indulgence Festival in Mittagong. I'm not sure if the buttons are on the website yet - they were very new at the time - but you could probably email them and ask!


  1. those are totally cool - share supplier info, pretty please?

    another bloglines subscriber here btw

  2. celtic letters - how gorgeous are they?


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