11 September 2007

More AMS

Helen commented the other week that she had met Alexander McCall Smith (AMS). Green with envy, that's what I was. That very same day I discovered he was here in Australia! Sadly in Melbourne (well, not so sad for Melbournians, I suppose) but since that's not where I am, he may as well be on the other side of the world.

So here I am, instead, reading the latest in the 44 Scotland Street series. It's astonishing how quickly you can pick up the threads of the characters' lives, even if the previous book was a year ago. Poor Bertie. What an eye-opener to see the world from the perspective of a six year old. This book is quite wicked as it lulls you along and then suddenly you find yourself chuckling.

AMS has single-handedly made me long to visit Edinburgh.


  1. plane to Melbourne = 1 hour trip
    I'm sure that you could figure out a work related reason why you HAD to come to victoria [ even if only to chivvy a certain person who shall remain nameless into returning signed contract - in the mail today - promise - got the mag yesterday - looks SO good ]

  2. You must come to Edinburgh some day - I recommend coming at the time of the Festival in August on a year when AMS has a new book out (i.e every year) becuase oddds are he'll be at the book festival and you too can meet him. Actually I met him there and at a crime festival in Harrogate too.... greedy I know! I am on espresso tales at the moment...


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