07 September 2007


A quilter's thoughts turn to the sewing room when a spare day presents itself. Since it was raining, today seemed to be a day for nesting at home, but something kept irritating me about my work space - the mess.

Well, maybe that's not the correct term. Perhaps untidiness would be more accurate. The thing that has bugged me the most for ages is that my cutting mat suffers from fabric-creep - where piles of fabrics seem to accumulate on the sewing table and slowly encroach on my cutting mat so that every time I want to cut, I have to sweep piles away. (Yes, I know I could put things away after I use them, but where's the fun in that?)

So, after perusing my favourite reading matter - the IKEA catalogue - I took myself off to the store. I measured and thought it through carefully - I would buy the Antonius system of baskets, with a solid top. Cutting surface and storage in one! How ingenious.

This is what I returned with instead:
I present the Forhoja - my new cutting table with two handy drawers for rotary cutters, small rulers, templates and the like. My cutting mat fits beautifully on top. I envisage the two shelves with baskets of fabric and I plan to attach cuphooks at one end to hang large rulers. And it moves! This is one of the attractions - I can roll it into a convenient position for cutting and push it back against the wall when I'm not using it. I so love IKEA.

And yes, Helen, I love snooping at other quilters' sewing areas, too!


  1. Ingenious! [Adjective Definition:

    1. inventive: possessing cleverness and imagination

    2. clever and effective: clever, original, and effective]

  2. Love the table - I am always looking for ways to improve my sewing space. Love the term "Fabric Creep" - I can SO relate!

  3. Genius, I was going to say, then I read what Brenda said! Such a good idea. I want one, do you think they deliver to NZ?

  4. Stephanie1:04 am

    have reorganized my sewing space after a year here in Perth and found what I wanted at Howards storage, lots of wire baskets for inside the wardrobe and a hairdressers type mobile unit as well.

  5. I spent some time in the Ikea catalogue today looking at Bookshelves...that looks neat but I guess my Horn cutting table is also on wheels, it is also the right height.....it just holds too much for me to keep it tidy.
    I think the challenge is......another photo in a month. Vbg. Jane aka Glenice B


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