08 October 2007

Diary pleasures

Stationery excites me. The most exciting form is a diary and I have been on a life-long quest to find the perfect diary.

I usually buy a diary about September, for the next year. I like to have one week to a double page spread and, since I carry it everywhere, I like it to be a compact size. Not those teeny, weeny ones but about 15cm high. I like a spiral bound diary and I require it have essential information such as last year's and next year's calendars. Anything else is a bonus.

Last year, I discovered Debden's Swiss Cheese range and thought I would try one. Loved it instantly, because it had a blue cover (so superficial) but mainly because it has a double page monthly planner at the beginning of every month. Perfect for anyone who works to deadlines, like I do!

So, of course, September rolled around and I started looking for a 2008 diary in the same range. I automatically went back to the store where I purchased this year's diary.
"When will your diaries be in stock?" I asked.
"If we had any, they'd be over there," I was told.
"That's not what I asked," I said. "I can see there aren't any there. I'm asking when they will be here."
"If they're not on that shelf, we don't have any," came the reply.
"You mean you don't know the answer to my question," I said, quite nicely I thought.
"Umm, I suppose not."

So I returned every Saturday during September and had exactly the same conversational exchange each time. October arrived and I started to worry. What if I couldn't buy one of the same type of diaries for 2008? I had important dates to note for 2008. I had things to plan; deadlines to record! How much longer would I have to wait; would I have to settle for an inferior diary?

You'll be pleased to know I purchased my
Debden's Swiss Cheese 2008 diary last weekend (this time with a lovely green cover). From a different store. All is well with the world.


  1. I need to see a photo of your diaries. I love love love new diary time. I try to wait until this year is almost over because I hate having a book and not being able to write in it yet.

  2. Sarah7:03 pm

    Oh woman after my own heart. I decided on the delicious diary for 2008, having been given one as a present last year (in December - really, how silly, what person buys their diary in DECEMBER? Needless to say I already had one). The bonus of this diary is that apart from having very handy little tear out shopping list thingies at the back and a comprehensive address book as well, the delicious diary (same as the magazine) also features yummy things to eat and how to make them every two pages! We ate several of the 2007 diary recommendations and personally I think that it's an excellent addition to a fab piece of stationery!

  3. you need to meet Edward aged 10. He can say staaationarrrrrryyy in the funniest creepy excited voice! He loves stationary too!

  4. Oh I am so with you about stationery. The delicious promise of all those blank pages! My favourite job of all, one that I attempt with great excitement and ritual, is transferring the important info from last year's diary into the new one. I like to buy a spiral bound diary with nice pictures and the week at a glance for the kitchen, into which *everyone's* activities get written. Not in the diary, don't exist. And then last year I couldn't get one I wanted. OK I've had nice pictures from the Impressionists all year, but what sort of a diary doesn't have school holidays? Don't they know I don't have school kids any more to remind me? I am on the hunt now...

  5. I am so glad someone else in the world has 20o8 dates - I sometimes feel like I am surrounded with people who simply cannot plan ahead and it annoys me so much. I am a leather filofax girl - the inserts are avalable as early as July so it is practical ... but then two or three months later the pretty ones come out and. oh, I wish I didn't have to plan ahead!!

  6. I too am looking for a diary and have always bought mine at this time of year. I like the ones that also have an address book/note book etc in them and ones that you can replace the contents each year. But alas this year my cover has disintergrated and I desperately need a new one. It's a bit like looking for fabric, I love the diary to also have a nice feel about. Oh well, had better go and start looking in other shops.


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