21 October 2007

Does a tea towel make you buy a magazine?

If it does, please explain! I am a regular purchaser of Notebook magazine because I enjoy reading stories about other women's lives. Last week I bought the latest issue and it was, strangely, bundled with a Notebook tea towel.

Do these sort of things actually increase sales? A tea towel?


  1. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Um, let me think.... NO. I spend most of my life trying to avoid using tea towels. The last time I willingly picked one up, I embroidered it. LOL

  2. It wouldn't entice me. I actually just like magazines to be magazines, not bundles up with anything in any way. I don't like it when I can't have a quick flick through it before I buy it. It is a part of the whole magazine experience.

    Maybe that's just me...

  3. A tea towel - NEVER! Other things.....depends very much what they are, but mostly anything attached is not why I purchase a magazine in the first place.

  4. A tea towel? Makes me think of all those 50's and 60's magazines with pics of the good little wife, all made up and dressed up, dusting and cooking!

  5. AND it's a CRAPPY tea towel!! A piece of open weave poor quality shit that I probably won't even use as a rag. I tried washing it to see if the hand would improve but it's just NASTY!

    OTOH, I was buying that mag anyway, because I was bored....

  6. I got caught in the rain the otherday and bought a magazine because it had an umbrella packaged with it, I might just have been desperate to put a teatowel over my head instead...!


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