27 October 2007

In praise of the jacaranda

These two trees are at the end of my street. Yesterday we had a fantastic thunderstorm and the effect of the rain is evident in the jacaranda flowers on the grass. Jacarandas grow brilliantly in Sydney and when they flower, it heralds the hot weather yet to come. Thunderstorm season is here and so, sadly, is the humidity, which won't leave now until March. I'm not a happy little vegemite in the humid Sydney summers.

But I digress. Jacarandas not only have glorious branch structure, but the haze that the flowers form is amazing to view from above. To fly over Sydney during this time is one of the world's best treats. I leave you with these photos of this stunning tree, taken about an hour ago.


  1. Oh, Erica, thanks for the lovely jacaranda post. We had one in our back yard up until this time last year. Large branches started dying and as it was close to the house we had to remove it. It was just a small tree when we moved in 28yrs ago, but grew very large and was glorious. I really miss the shade in summer, the beautiful riot of colour, the magpies warbling in the afternoon...

  2. I agree a lovely tree. We have one, well our neighbour has one, and I think we get more pleasure than he does. But it is not even looking like flowering. I notice we always are about a month behind you. Typical me, all behind as usual :)

  3. Stephanie3:34 pm

    The story goes that a matron at the Mater at Crows Nest issued mum's with a jacaranda seedling when they left hospital with their new bub. So many jacs were planted on the Nth Shore. Erica they are my favourite tree and luckily Applecross the next suburb to me has streets lined with them and they have a jac fair coming up. Perth's flower later than Sydney's

  4. it's all but impossible to get them started up here because of the savage frosts but there is ONE glorious old one that I pass on the way to dance class and this week it's in full, flower.

  5. I think it is a bit cold and frosty for them here, but I went up to Sydney last weekend, and the bright purple Jacarandas were wonderful - lots of blossoms still on the trees, but also the ground under them was covered in a purple carpet! ... it was kind of funny when I parked under one and went into a patchwork shop and stayed for about half an hour, then came out and found my big tough looking 4WD covered in dozens of pretty purple flowers!
    disorganised in Dunlop (a suburb of Canberra)
    ... who almost was called Jaqueline instead of Andrea - because of the flowering Jacaranda trees outside the hospital where Mum had me (in Adelaide in December)... but she decided to go with her original choice and called me Andrea ... but I have felt sort of connected to Jacaranda trees ever since Mum told me about nearly naming me after them ;-)


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